Large Bounce House or Jousting Arena $175


This 21′ Joust Arena is sure to please your crowd with fun-filled jumping and friendly challenges. The hexagonal shape with netting allows for a 360 degree view of the action from outside the Joust Arena, which is great for watching your children play. This inflatable places two challengers on separate halves of an inflatable mound in the center of the arena. Each is equipped with a padded joust pole and protective head gear. The challenge of the Joust Arena is to remain on the mound and in your half while attempting to knock off your opponent. It makes for a fun and safe challenge. The high side walls of this product make for a safe arena to joust in.

This inflatable is great to use as a large, safe bounce house for lots of younger participants who cannot joust with the poles.

The soft Jousting Poles are made with high quality materials. The Joust Poles are constructed from 18-ounce vinyl and soft foam, making them lightweight and fun. (Helmets are provided when using joust poles).

Make sure you have the room for this large rental unit. It is 21’x21′. There must be an additional 3 – 5 feet of unobstructed perimeter around each side of the inflatable. Also, you need to check to make sure no low hanging branches would touch the top.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you actually have room for the unit you choose. There are no refunds if the installer shows up and the unit cannot be installed because you don’t have enough room.

The location must be free of rocks, sticks, branches, rough debris and fecal material. If you have an in ground sprinkler system, please make sure the timer is not set to go on. If you have outdoor pets you must pooper scoop the area to receive the inflatable and the play area around where the inflatable will be placed.

The safest surface is a level grassy area. But, our inflatables can be virtually setup up on any level surface such as grass, concrete, asphalt. We cannot install any inflatable onto gravel. The sharp rocks could pierce the vinyl. If possible, all inflatables and tents should be staked in the ground for safety. If staking is not possible, weights (sand bags) will be used instead of stakes.

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Delivery is free within Brookhaven City Limits. Outside the city limits is usually about $25, please call us to confirm that fee, if you live outside the city limits.

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