Is there an aguser_helpdesk_faqe limit?
Children 12 and under are allowed on the inflatables. Adults may help very small children who need assistance. Crawlers and young toddlers have their own special area. Laser Tag is played on Friday and Saturday nights and has no age limit. The entire family can play.

Is there a weight limit?
Our weight limit is 175lbs. If you are over 175lbs. and have a small child that needs assistance you are allowed to enter the equipment with them, we just ask that you do not bounce and are careful of any small children around you.

Can we just come in and play?
You can play any day that we are open. We suggest that you call ahead to see if we are expecting any large groups with reservations. We can’t exceed our maximum occupancy limit as determined by the fire marshall and groups with reservations get priority over walk-ins.

One person in our party forgot to bring a signed wavier. Can they jump anyway?
No one may jump without a signed wavier, no exceptions.

Can I leave and come back later on the same day?
Sorry, once you leave re-entry the same day is only permitted with a new entry fee.

Can I make a reservation for a group without a party package?
Yes, if you have a large group that just wants to jump, reservations are recommended to make sure that we will have room for you. However, large groups cannot bring in food or party items without a party reservation.

How safe are our children?
Our staff is well trained to interact and supervise children. Parents are expected to monitor their children, just as you would at any playground. Close parental supervision of toddlers is required. Our inflatables have extra thick landing mats at the entrances and exits to ensure safety.

Are all jumpers required to wear socks?
YES. Everyone playing on our equipment is required to remove their shoes and wear clean socks-NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have a party reservation, you may want to bring extra pairs of socks in case one of your guests forgets. Socks are available for purchase at $2.00/pair.

Do you allow outside food or drinks?
No outside food or drinks are allowed. The only exception is for cake, ice cream and drinks but only if you have a party reservation.

How often are the equipment and facilities cleaned?
We clean, sanitize and inspect each of our inflatables numerous times a day. The bathrooms are also cleaned numerous times a day and deeply cleaned every night as well. Door handles are sanitized daily. The Party Room tables are cleaned and sanitized after each use. All jumpers are required to wear clean socks.

Call 601-990-4065 or email us at Party@jump-n-jive.com for more information



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