Basketball Free Throw $60

The Basketball Free Throw provides a challenge for everyone to love and enjoy. Whether you are a veteran sharpshooter or a rookie not-so-sharpshooter, this game is always a fun activity. Who doesn’t enjoy shooting balls through a hoop? There are so many different ways to use this game. You can have two players shooting at a time. How many can you hit in a row? Shooters may stand at the free throw line, which is nine feet from the basket or create a tougher challenge from spots of your choosing.3b5590efc868f5996d770978f67a772a

The Free throw shootout is eight feet tall with two hoops to challenge competitors. Balls conveniently roll down the ramp to be returned to players for the next shot. The rental includes 4 basketballs, rims are inflatable version to provide some extra challenge. The unit is attractively designed with colorful and decorative panels.
This inexpensive inflatable is usually rented along with another inflatable. It is fun all by itself but adds another way to make your event extra special with a low cost of only $60.00.  It measures 9x9x8.
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Delivery is free within Brookhaven City Limits. Outside the city limits is usually about $25, please call us to confirm that fee, if you live outside the city limits.

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