15×15 Bounce House $125.00

This inflatable bounce house has been specifically designed for indoor use but may be used outdoors, too. If it is cold or wet outside, this unit will deliver plenty of fun for your guests in the garage or house. It is only 8 feet high and designed to fit in low-clearance areas.  At 15×15, it is big enough to deliver fun and excitement for your special event. The net windows on the sides allow everyone to see in and out as well as providing ventilation, and preventing bouncing children from falling out of the bounce house. There is a small opening in front of the steps for the children to enter.

As with any inflatable, a few safety rules to follow:

  • Kids should take off footwear, eyeglasses, and jewelry before getting on the set.
  • Take any sharp objects (pens, keys) out of their pockets/hands before playing (they could easily cause puncture injuries).
  • Do not let children of significantly different sizes onto the bounce house at the same time. Smaller kids are at risk of injury from colliding with or falling under an older child.
  • Food, drink, bottles, glasses etc. should not be taken onto the bounce house.
  • Supervision should be maintained all the time. Supervision means watching constantly and not just being in the area!
  • Children should be informed that they must not push other children off the inflatable or bounce against the walls and crash into one another

Just to make sure you have the room for this rental,  there must be an additional 3 – 5 feet of unobstructed perimeter around each side of the inflatable. If you are renting it for outdoor use, you should check to make sure no low hanging branches would touch the top. The location must be free of rocks, sticks, branches, rough debris and fecal material.15x15 bounce house

It is your responsibility to make sure that you actually have room for the unit you choose.

Any clean flat area in your house or garage will be fine. Outdoors, the safest surface is a level grassy area. But, our inflatables can be virtually setup up on any level surface such as grass, concrete, asphalt. We cannot install any inflatable onto gravel. The sharp rocks could pierce the vinyl. If possible, all inflatables and tents should be staked in the ground for safety. If staking is not possible, weights (sand bags) will be used instead of stakes.

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Delivery is free within Lincoln County or within 20 miles of Ole Brook Jump & Jive. Call for exact pricing if you live outside those parameters.

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